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  • After traveling for the last few months we are back on our Right FIT Right Meals twice a day.  After just 3 days of eating these delicious clean meals Tom's blood sugar levels immediately fell in line, after being at high levels repeatedly over the last 3 months.  Thanks Angie for getting us both back on track!

    Judy & Tom Berry
  • Jennifer McHugh, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    I can't say enough about this gym! It's the first place I've ever gone that I've stuck with (for almost two years now) and I credit Angie and everyone else who goes there! Such an amazing and fun group!

    Jennifer McHugh
  • Kim Lewis, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    Great place to get fit and have fun. We work hard, sweat a lot, but most importantly we have a lot of fun laughing along the way.

    Kim Lewis
  • Riki Kisner, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    I'm loving the early workouts- and those are words I never thought I'd say!

    Riki Kisner
  • Bob Anderson, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    Thank you for kicking my butt this morning. Today was the first step to getting my mind and body back on track. I can't wait to do it again on Thursday!

    Bob Anderson
  • Marsha Copeland Thorpe , Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    Woop woop! Love the workouts. And are definitely going to be sore tomorrow!!! Thanks Angie.

    Marsha Copeland Thorpe
  • Marsha Copeland Thorpe? , Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    OMG!!! Awesome work out this morning Angie. I'm going to be hurting later :)

    Marsha Copeland Thorpe?
  • Amy Lynn, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness Testimonials

    I don't know how she does it, but Angie motivates us to get through a challenging workout, and also to get up before 5 am to do it! It is always a great time with lots of sweat, new exercises and laughs. Thanks, Angie!

    Amy Lynn

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