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Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness

Making Fitness Fun For Everyone We Train

Welcome to Right FIT - Fuel & Fitness, a fun environment dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. We offer personal training, group fitness and nutrition coaching in Western Shawnee for those who do not want the full gym experience or the cost. We work with you to create long and short-term goals. Doing this keeps you accountable. By working out within a group you get the support and motivation to keep going. It's about being healthy, becoming stronger, being happy and living longer! GET STARTED TODAY or learn more by simply filling out the short form on your screen. We can't wait to show you how real the results can be.

Our Dedicated Team

We work hard at Right Fit to go above and beyond for each and every client. We know that every fitness journey is different, but no one can succeed without the support of others. We're here to provide that every single day.


Our Cutting-Edge Classes

You won't find a fitness schedule more jam-packed than ours. We are proud to offer you some of the most revolutionary fitness programs around and we aim to make each class accessible to all skills and abilities.


Nutritional Guidance And Support

You can't see real results without adding nutrition to the formula. It's the missing link that so many neglect. But with us, a balanced diet and sustainable eating habits will quickly become a cornerstone of your success.


A Commitment To You

The bottom line is we're here to help you make your goals a reality. No matter what you're training for or how much you're hoping to achieve, we're committed to working with you every step of the way.

Personal Training

Personal Training  in Shawnee - Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness

Group Fitness

Group Fitness  in Shawnee - Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness


Bootcamp in Shawnee - Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness

After traveling for the last few months we are back on our Right FIT Right Meals twice a day. After just 3 days of eating these delicious clean meals Tom's blood sugar levels immediately fell in line, after being at high levels repeatedly over the last 3 months. Thanks Angie for getting us both .... Read more

Judy & Tom Berry

Jennifer McHugh, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness testimonialS

I can't say enough about this gym! It's the first place I've ever gone that I've stuck with (for almost two years now) and I credit Angie and everyone else who goes there! Such an amazing and fun group! .... Read more

Jennifer McHugh

Kim Lewis, Right Fit - Fuel & Fitness testimonialS

Great place to get fit and have fun. We work hard, sweat a lot, but most importantly we have a lot of fun laughing along the way. .... Read more

Kim Lewis

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